What Are The Degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct?

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April 30, 2020
What is Criminal Sexual Conduct?
April 30, 2020

federal defense_attorneys minneapolis mnCriminal sexual conduct charges in Minneapolis bring about some of the roughest penalties after a conviction. The authorities and prosecutors take such charges very seriously. Well, criminal sexual conduct charges are categorized into three, which we shall delve further in this post.

First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This is the most serious of the charges. It’s a serious felony that can result up to life in prison. If an individual engages in sex with an individual under the age of 13, or under 16 years if the two people are related results in a first degree criminal sexual conduct. If a minor is involved, the person convicted of this felony faces a minimum of 25 years in jail and a lifetime of electronic monitoring. Offenders faced with this charge stay on the Minneapolis, MN Sex Offender Registry for life.

Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

If an individual engages in sexual conduct but not penetration with an individual under 13 years, they qualify for a second degree charge. A person can also be charged with this type of crime if:

-The alleged victim is between the age of 13 and 16, related to the defendant, a teacher, foster care provider, in the same household or any other authoritative person.

-Alleged perpetrator is helped by another individual and knows the victim is physically or mentally helpless.

-Sexual contact happens when the defendant does another crime.

-Alleged perpetrator is helped by another party and use force in order to achieve sexual contact.

-Alleged perpetrator causes injury through coercion or force knowing that the victim is mentally or physically helpless.

-Alleged perpetrator is armed with a weapon or uses anything to insinuate they have a weapon.

It is imperative to note that sexual contact implies the intentional touching of a person’s intimate parts or the clothing covering the person’s intimate parts, if the touching can be reasonably defined as in the purpose of sexual arousal or satisfaction, done for sexual reasons or with the aim to inflict humiliation, or revenge in a sexual way.

The maximum sentence of second degree criminal sexual conduct is 25 years. Additionally, the guilty is electronically monitored for the rest of their life if the victim is underage and the offender was over 17 during the offense.

Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This charge is given when an individual engages in sex with a person between 13 and 16 years and uses force, mental helplessness, and coercion to achieve penetration. It can also be issued when the victim is between 16 and 18 years and the perpetrator is a school employee or teacher. The punishment for such a felony is up to 15 years in jail.

Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This charge is issued when there’s contact without penetration. Two years is the maximum punishment for this degree.

If are accused of any criminal sexual charge in Minneapolis, you need an aggressive lawyer by your side to handle your case. Don’t take the case with a public defender and consider an defense attorney in a law firm with experience in this field. Consider going through an array of lawyers before settling for one.

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