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When you are charged with a criminal offense, you should always rely on a MN Criminal Trial Attorney to handle your case. A trial lawyer is someone who will walk into the courtroom and argue the case for the results his/her client seeks — some lawyers say they will handle every part of your case, but are afraid or unwilling to actually take the case to trial. We at Birrell Law Firm are MN trial lawyers through and through.

Being a good trial or courtroom lawyer requires a lot of skills and experience. Not every defense lawyer is a courtroom lawyer. When you are accused or charged criminally, you want a criminal trial attorney. There are hundreds of Minnesota, MN trial lawyers, but all of them are not created equal. Your homework is important when choosing the best courtroom attorney to represent your case. Here are some qualities to look into when choosing the best Minneapolis, MN trial lawyers.

Find an Experienced Attorney

An experienced and clever courtroom lawyer can take the facts of your case and dissect them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Issue spotting is one of the most important features of a good courtroom lawyer. The lawyer will look at your case from a number of different angles and see in what way he or she can put up a fight to make your case more effective. When you are interviewing an attorney to handle your case, make sure to watch the reaction of the lawyer to the story you tell. A lawyer who has ideas about how your case could be fought in a courtroom is a better option for your case. A good issue spotter will eventually make a good trial lawyer for your case.

Most cases will end up outside of court through some kind of settlement. For example, a civil case may end up with a cash settlement and a criminal case may end up with a plea bargain. Only a fraction of criminal cases goes to trial, but a good defense attorney who is not afraid to go to trial can put pressure on the prosecutor to get a better settlement. A good trial lawyer should have excellent negotiation skills. How your case ends up depends on the negotiation skills of the potential attorney. The chosen lawyer should be able to negotiate with the opposing attorney and get the best possible deal on your behalf. A good trial lawyer should be able to see the strengths in your case as well as the weaknesses in the other side’s case. This is quite a subtle process that only highly experienced trial lawyers could understand. Your lawyer may be able to make the opposing side give you even more than you have asked for.

Hire and Attorney with Legal Writing and Interpersonal Skills

Legal writing is an art on its own. Although people don’t find legal writing amusing or enjoyable to read, a good trial lawyer requires the ability to write persuasively.  Writing a legal memorandum or a 50-page brief requires a unique set of skills. It’s much more than being a “people person.” The lawyer should be able to correctly read the emotional tone of any given situation and respond appropriately. They should know when to be kind and when to be tough, and they should be light enough on their feet to switch between the two.

Trial skills are important when handling your case in a courtroom. The lawyer should have the confidence and skills to take your case all the way through trial in case you don’t get the right results through negotiations with the other party. The right trial lawyer should be able to think on his/her feet, maintain focus, and assert dominance when needed. He or she should know all the facts and rules of the case. They should be able to keep track of many things when handling your case. Trial isn’t easy. A lot of criminal lawyers out there are not good trial lawyers. That’s why you need to choose carefully when hiring the best MN trial lawyers for your case.

Make Sure Your Attorney has a Solid Reputation

Minneapolis, MN has its own share of criminal trial lawyers. But all of these professionals are not created alike. Your research is important when choosing the best attorney to fight your case in a court of law. The right law firm should have a good reputation, extensive trial experience, legal research skills, good credentials, strong investigative instincts, the ability to organize large amounts of information, strong computer skills, and good customer feedback. Make sure you check all these qualities when choosing the best trial attorney in Minneapolis, MN.

The internet is a great place to look for a reliable trial attorney in MN. Search Google or Yahoo for the best trial lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, and you may come across a list of lawyers functioning in the region. Don’t pick the first name of the list without performing a thorough background check on the candidate. That way you can choose the best trial attorney in MN to handle your case.

Contact Our Experience Law Firm Today for a Free Legal Consultation

If you are looking for the best MN trial lawyer, you don’t have to look further than Birrell Law Firm. We are regarded as some of the best criminal trial lawyers operating in MN. Our firm has a national reputation for excellence and our attorneys are ready to work with you and bring you peace of mind. The firm was established by two partners – Andrew and Ian Birrell. They are a father and son team of attorneys with a great reputation across the industry. The team has attained favorable results for its clients across different fields. They practice in state and federal courts in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Birrell Law Firm represents a wide range of clientele in MN in all types of criminal trial cases. Cases handled by Birrell involve complex matters such as representing targets before indictment, advocating for lesser sentences, representing money laundering and tax fraud cases, and handling a number of other complex matters. That’s why you need to call Birrell Law Firm when you are searching for the best trial attorney to represent your case in a court of law.

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