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Understanding Federal Law and Why You Need A Reliable Attorney

We all need lawyers at some point in our lives. Law is a broad profession, and there are different types of lawyers out there, something that makes it hard for some to know the best one for a particular situation. The most common notion about lawyers is that they are professionals who defend us when we are in trouble and represent us in courts. The attorneys at Birrell Law Firm only practice criminal defense, and they represent entities that are either prosecuting or being accused in a federal crimes case. Crimes vary in nature, and some of the ‘tough’ ones, as people prefer to call them, are against the federal agencies. Here, you need an experienced Minneapolis Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, like Birrell Law Firm, who has been tried and tested as the entities you come up against are not to play around with.

What Are Federal Crimes?

A lot of people are scared of being on the wrong side of the law. What about coming up against the government in a court of law? Being prosecuted by the US attorney’s office is tough as you come up against the FBI, Secret service, and several federal agencies that have access to information and vast resources. You can find yourself in such a scenario if you violate a statute that was passed by Congress. Here you will face off with your prosecutors in a federal court and not the regular state court. Most lawyers you come across will tell you how they can represent you, but such serious matters require proven experts like Birrell Criminal Defense to give you the representation you need. State lawmakers can pass virtually any law, but federal ones pass laws that are of national interest. An example is counterfeiting of money since it is the duty of the government to print cash, and doing it is illegal. Federal laws are defined in a couple of ways, and this helps to point out federal crimes and their scope. A crime that takes place on federal premises or involves federal offices such as murder in a national forest is regarded as a federal crime. Instances where a defendant crosses state lines, along with immigration and customs violations, all fall under the federal crime umbrella.

Other examples of federal crimes include:

These are some of the crimes prosecuted by the federal government, and most of them are instances where you do not offend any specific individual rather. The government takes measures to protect national interest, and this is why they prosecute people who infringe the federal laws.

Understanding Federal Court Procedures

The court procedures for federal crimes are different from the state ones, and this is why you need a specialized MN federal crimes attorney to handle your case. The government has a set of complex guidelines that determine the time a guilty person will spend in prison and the amount of fine they should pay. However, these guidelines are not cast on stone, and the jury can give more or less depending on the prevailing circumstances.

What Should You Do After Receiving a Federal Target Letter?

Whenever you are involved in a federal crime, or the state has substantial evidence to believe that you are, they will send you a federal target letter. It is sent from a federal prosecutor. It notifies you of several things, including your status as a target in a federal investigation, crimes that might have been committed, your right to assert the Fifth amendment, and recommendation for getting a court-appointed counsel. Note that receiving this letter does not automatically mean that you committed a federal crime, as you could have information that could be helpful for the investigation. When you get this letter, contact an experienced Minneapolis federal criminal defense attorney right away and have them guide you. It is common to receive such letters for cases that have been investigated for months and years, and only an experienced head can face the federal prosecutors.

Finding A Reliable Attorney

You will come across a plethora of lawyers out there offering to represent you in a federal case, and as it has been rightly pointed out, this is not your ordinary car accident or personal injury lawsuit. The entities you come up against might have collected information for years and months without your knowledge, and by the time they are serving you with a federal target letter, they must have established reasonable cause to prosecute you. One thing to look out for is experience. You want to be represented by an experienced Minneapolis federal criminal defense attorney. Look at the number of years they have been in operation before picking them. Do not leave it at the years but look at some of the cases they have been involved in and check if they were successful. Look at the details of the case and see if they are related to yours. You would benefit if you got a lawyer that has handled a series of tax evasion cases, and you are accused of one. It helps to check the reviews posted by previous clients of a particular federal criminal defense attorney before hiring them. This is because most will post catchy phrases describing their services on their site but deal with clients badly. Being accused by the federal government is a tough thing, and the last thing you want is dealing with a bad attorney. Reviews will also give you a different view of the set of attorneys you choose to work with, as this helps you to understand them better and forge a proper working relationship needed for that case.

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