Welcome to Birrell Criminal Defense. We are a Minneapolis Criminal Defense firm with experienced, powerful, and creative lawyers. We bring perspectives to the table that you will not find elsewhere. Whether you are a national corporation looking for representation on sophisticated matters across the country, or an individual with a dire problem in their home state of Minnesota, we have a lawyer that is ready to provide you with unparalleled counseling and advocacy.

Birrell Law is made of two partners, Andrew and Ian Birrell. We are a father-son team of lawyers with a national reputation for excellence. We represent individuals, public and private corporations and other entities. We represent these people and groups in internal investigations, in pre-charge investigations (including after receipt of a target letter), in grand jury investigations, in pretrial proceedings, and in trials and appeals in Federal and State Court matters across Minnesota and throughout the United States.

We have obtained favorable results for our clients across all these different fields. We have done so over many years, in state and federal courts in Minnesota and elsewhere, across many varied types of cases. We have clients accused of a wide variety of crimes, including: mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, securities fraud, RICO, public corruption charges, money laundering, tax charges, food and drug act matters, environmental offenses, national security offenses and many other types of cases in federal courts, and in state court cases. We have won not guilty verdicts for clients in cases involving everything from murder and assault, to criminal sexual conduct and drug crimes, to felony adulteration of food and driving under the influence.

Our cases frequently involve complex matters, such as challenging the admissibility of evidence obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, representing targets before indictment, investigating the scope of money laundering and tax matters, advocating for lesser sentences (given the increased discretion afforded to judges after Booker), and handling countless other complex issues. Andrew Birrell has argued before the United States Supreme Court regarding the facial constitutionality of the federal bribery statute and has argued before the United States Court of Appeals numerous times. Both Andrew and Ian have argued before the Minnesota Supreme Court, Minnesota Court of Appeals, and Minnesota and federal district courts. We have won reversals of convictions and orders for new trials in the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court.