Are Private Attorneys Better Than Public Defenders?

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April 13, 2020
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April 30, 2020

MN Identity Theft AttorneyWhen it comes to choosing your defense team, you know that your freedom is at stake. When faced with criminal charges, the most important decision one can make is who to hire as their lawyer. Generally, individuals can be represented by either a public defender or a private attorney in a court of law. While public defenders may not be a good choice for most people, they come in handy for people in Minneapolis, MN who can’t afford a private attorney.

A public defender is a lawyer appointed by a court to represent an accused person in court. This happens if the individual can’t afford a private lawyer. Such individuals don’t have to pay for a lawyer since a public defender represents them for free. What’s more, public defenders prove to be helpful where an accused person pleads guilty to a charge. Their working relationship with prosecutors over time can help accused persons get better plea deals.

However, getting a public defender to represent you in a criminal case may not always result in victory. In fact, statistics show that individuals represented by public defenders are more likely to end up in jail and even face longer jail terms. The biggest downside to having a public defender represent you is the lack of devotion, especially due to a huge caseload. As such, they are likely to propose a plea deal and do little to put up a fight for their client.

Private Attorneys: What Are Their Pros and Cons?

Private attorneys work for private law firms or as private entities and represent accused persons following interest by such individuals. Most people prefer choosing private attorneys, but the fees for their service may prove to be a hindrance. Even though the fee charged depends on the type of case and the projected workload in a case, the high fees associated with private lawyers is a notable downside of working with them.

Pros of Hiring a Private Lawyer

Dedication: Upon hiring, private lawyers will put everything behind your case to ensure that you win your case. What’s more, these are professionals who wish to maintain a clean record and will do anything to win their cases. If you are faced with criminal charges in a Minneapolis, MN court, hiring a private attorney may just be the best thing to do.

Communication: Unlike public defenders, private attorneys like to be in constant contact with their clients. They can be contacted via phone or consulted from their offices. This is especially important when they need to clarify issues before facing a judge. Their communication also comes in handy as it helps keep their clients updated in case of any developments with their case.

Resources: Accused persons pay for the services of private lawyers. This facilitates the private attorney in getting the best resources for the case: reliable witnesses, CCTV footage that may help with your case, and even private investigators. This allows them to build a strong defense, which is likely to result in victory for their client.

Choosing between a private attorney and a public defender depends on your ability to pay the legal fees. Working with a private attorney, however, proves to have better results as these professionals are dedicated, available, and have the necessary resources to build a strong defense for their client.

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