South of downtown Minneapolis, Midtown Phillips, Ventura Village, Phillips West, and Phillips East make up the Phillips community. There are many businesses like Wells Fargo Mortgage and Honeywell International, as well as commercial developments in each of the neighborhoods.

Population Data

Philips is home to about 19,000 people, according to the most recent census. There are residents in the neighborhood of various nationalities as well as races, and official data shows that some of them are foreign nationals.

Economic Data

Recent zoning laws have attracted new commercial developments in this area, which has traditionally been a residential suburb. Phillips is home to many large national and local companies, including Wells Fargo Mortgage, Allina Healthcare Services, and Abbot Northwestern Hospital, which has increased employment opportunities for residents. Along Lake Street is a redeveloped and repurposed Sears Building with new residential and commercial units – all of which still contribute to increasing employment opportunities for locals.

Housing Opportunities

Philips offers a variety of housing options for a variety of tastes and styles. A wide variety of houses can be found here, including old Victorian homes, detached homes, apartments and studio apartments.

Phillips houses vary in price based on the amenities they offer, how old the home is, how many rooms it has, and what type of home it is. In terms of monthly rent, the average for any residential property is $700 (be sure to keep in mind that costs could vary depending on the location and type of home).

Activities To Do in Phillips

Phillips has plenty to offer everyone. Food enthusiasts who enjoy different types of cuisines or outdoor enthusiasts will have no problem finding fun activities here. There are many different kinds of restaurants in Philipps, such as Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, African and Italian.

You can do a lot of hiking, biking, and walking in Phillips if you are into the great outdoors. There are also some of Minnesota’s best parks within walking distance of each neighborhood in Phillips. By utilizing the Metro transit network, you can travel to and from some of Minnesota’s best nightclubs.

In Phillips, the schools are among the best in the state. You could take your kids to any one of the many parks located in each of the four neighborhoods during weekends and holidays.

Childre’s Hospital
Head west on E 26th St toward 11th Ave S. Turn right at Elliot Ave S. Turn left toward Chicago Ave. Turn right onto Chicago Ave. Turn right

America Swedish Institute
From the Children’s Hospital – Head south toward Chicago Ave. Turn left onto Chicago Ave. Turn right onto E 26th St

Midtown Global Market
From The American Swedish Institute – Head south on Park Ave. Turn left onto E 28th St. Turn right onto Chicago Ave. Turn left toward Elliot Ave. Turn right onto Elliot Ave

Sumo Grill and Market
From Midtown Global Market – Head east on E Lake St toward 10th Ave S. Turn left at 22nd Ave S. Continue straight

Phillips Garden
From Sumo Grill and Market – Head west toward 21st Ave S. Turn right toward 21st Ave S. Turn right onto 21st Ave S. Turn left onto E 28th St. Turn right onto Cedar Ave S

Birrell Criminal Defense
From Phillips Garden – Take Cedar Ave S and Exit 233A to S 8th St. Turn right onto S 8th St


Phillips MinneapolisPhillips Minneapolis

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