How Can An Identity Theft Attorney Help You?

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October 28, 2019
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MN Identity Theft Attorney

The task of recovering your identity and clearing your name can be challenging and time consuming and, especially in the immediate aftermath, often requires:
• Filing a police report
• Filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission
• Contacting financial institutions to initiate fraud alerts or close accounts
• Contacting credit bureaus to remove fraudulent information from a credit report
• Contacting creditors or debt collection agencies

An identity theft attorney has experience communicating with such entities and also understands their legal obligations to cooperate with you. Also, if you retain an identity theft attorney, these entities, particularly debt collection agencies, will be prohibited from contacting you directly.

Identity theft attorneys can also advise you of all of the rights and the remedies available to you under federal and state law. Under federal law, for example, a victim of identity theft has a right to restitution not just for the actual harm incurred but also for the time spent trying to fix such harm. Many state laws provide additional remedies to victims, such as the ability to file suit against the perpetrators and recover damages. Victims of theft can not only file suit, but can also recover triple the amount of actual damages incurred. Birrell Law Firm can advise you of such rights as well as any relevant statutes of limitations.

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