What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring A Criminal Lawyer?

What Are Good Questions To Ask A Criminal Defense Lawyer?
April 30, 2020
Attorney Andrew S. Birrell Sworn in as Treasurer of Criminal Defense Bar
August 18, 2020

Federal Defense Attorney MinneapolisIf you require a criminal defense lawyer, then time is of the essence. Based on your case, your attorney will take some time to gather information and also prepare court proceedings. Although you need legal assistance immediately, you should ensure that you thoroughly vet your attorney before hiring them. You will need one that’s dedicated to obtaining the very best outcome for your case.

For those who are facing criminal charges in Minneapolis or anywhere in Minnesota (MN), contact a criminal defense lawyer from a reputable Law Firm.

The Background and Experience of the Criminal Lawyer

Upon your first meeting with a criminal lawyer, it’s essential to find out whether s/he has experience in defending against similar charges. Some questions to ask are:

– Where did you study law school? Which year did you graduate?
– What’s the period you’ve been practicing criminal law?
– Do you often negotiate plea agreements with the specific prosecutor’s office? And how would you describe your relationship?
– How frequently do you appear in the specific courthouse that my case will be handled?
– Are you familiar enough with the charges against me? How often do you represent clients with similar charges in your practice?
– How frequently do your clients go to trial?
– Are you a member of any bar associations or any other professional organization? And if so, which ones?

Review of Your Case

Generally, whether accused of a crime in the state, county, or federal court, you will need your criminal defense attorney to inform you of what’s to come. Here are some relevant questions you should consider:

– What are my legal options? What are your recommendations?
– What potential issues do you expect with my case?
– What are the favorable aspects of my case?
– What should I expect at the various stages of the process, such as arraignment, motions hearing, filing of motions, disposition, and trial?

My Case Management

Lawyers often use the term “case management” to illustrate how a case’s logistics are dealt with. It is crucial to understand every single detail of your case to avoid misunderstandings. Here are some relevant questions:

– Will you be available to represent me?
– Is there anyone else who will work on my case? Can I meet them?
– If I have any inquiries, who do I call? Is it you or someone else?
– Will you be personally fighting for me in court, or will it be another person’s responsibility?
– How do you and your team prefer to be contacted? And how fast can I expect a response?

The Legal Fees

In most cases, criminal lawyers will charge per hour (hourly fee) or request for a flat fee. Since rates can be quite competitive, it’s prudent to shop around. Nonetheless, reputable lawyers might charge more. So, you need to decide if it would be better to pay more for an attorney or a reputable law firm, given the charges against you.

Below are a few questions you might ask:

– Do you charge a flat fee, or is it an hourly rate?
– What is your hourly rate? Do I have to pay a retainer fee?
– What is your flat fee? What does it include? Is it refundable? Must I pay it all upfront?
– Are there any expenses I should incur outside your fee? May I have an estimate for them?

By answering the above questions, you can get the most suitable criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

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