The township of Camden is located in Minneapolis. It was called Camden since the 1800s when it was developed. After the addition of the word ‘Webber’ to the town name in 1995, it became Camden-Webber. Four borders divide the location: Penn Street and Newton Avenue on the west, Interstate 94 on the east, Canadian Pacific railway on the north, and Dowling Avenue on the south. At first, Camden-Webber was more of an industrial region with factories and industries, but it has increasingly become a residential area.

Resources For Residents

Residents of Webber-Camden have been able to benefit from the tireless efforts of the WCNO to build up and provide resources. The Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization helps residents of Webber-Camden feel like they belong, whether they are tenants or house owners.

Buying a Home: The First Time Homebuyers Plan is the most common plan used to buy your first home.

Minnesota Energy Assistance Program may cover your heating bill if you experience a utility disconnect.

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency can provide you with all of the information you need regarding lead paint removal.

Information For Businesses

Local brands and businesses are well supported in Minneapolis. The WCNO aims to help new businesses and entrepreneurs start and prosper on the Northside.

There are plenty of facilities for your business to grow, so you can bet they have what you need. Commercial and industrial buildings are available for rent by businesses and companies.


In addition to jewelry stores, clothing, health stores, bars, restaurants, retailers, you can enjoy a broad range of resources and amenities in the area.

Webber Parkway and Webber Park can be found in the Webber-Camden neighborhood. These are the two parks that are frequently visited, particularly on weekends. These two parks are excellent places to chill, bike, play sports, or just take a stroll in the great outdoors.

The community of Camden-Webber also offers many resources and standard living costs for those looking for a respite from the city’s big, noisy townships. It is a welcoming area that offers a lot for a family to live comfortably.

Final Words

The Webber-Camden area is the place to go if you’re looking for something interesting to do. It boasts a friendly, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere. Camden provides good access to nearby cities in Minnesota, including Victory, Shingle Creek, McKinley, Lind Bohanon, Folwell, and Cleveland. The area is simply a fantastic place to live. This neighborhood also has a community association that works to bring business and amenities to it. It’s a community and people care about each other, so it’s important to improve the neighborhood. If you are looking for competency in both crime and education, you can expect nothing less.

Folwell Park
Head south on N Newton Ave toward N 42nd Ave.

Camden Tavern and Grill
From Folwell Park – Head northwest toward 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Turn right onto 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Turn left onto N Fremont Ave. Turn right onto N 42nd Ave. Turn left onto N Lyndale Ave

Mississippi Regional Park
From Camden Tavern and Grill – Head north on N Lyndale Ave toward N 47th Ave. Turn right onto 49th Ave N, Turn left onto N Lyndale Ave (signs for I-94 W). Turn right onto N Mississippi Dr

North Market
From Mississippi Regional Park – Head west on N Mississippi Dr toward N Lyndale Ave. Turn right onto N Lyndale Ave. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto 53rd Ave N. Turn left onto N Humboldt Ave. Turn left to stay on N Humboldt Ave. Turn right to stay on N Humboldt Ave

Corner Coffee Camden
From North Market – Head south on N Humboldt Ave toward N 44th Ave. Turn right onto N 42nd Ave. Turn left onto N Thomas Ave

Birrell Criminal Defense
From Corner Coffee Camden – Head south on N Thomas Ave toward 41st Ave N. Continue on 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Take I-94 E and Exits 231A-231B to S 8th St. Turn right onto S 8th St

Camden MinneapolisCamden Minneapolis

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