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Our criminal defense attorney practice group is led by Andrew S. Birrell and has a national reputation for excellence. We are available to represent individuals, public and private corporations and other entities in internal investigations, in pre-charge investigations, including the receipt of a target letter, grand jury investigations, pretrial proceedings, trials and appeals in Federal and State Court matters in Minnesota, in the upper Midwest and throughout the United States.

We have been successful in obtaining favorable results for the clients in these ways in many different types of cases over many years in both federal and state courts in Minnesota and elsewhere. We have represented clients in full range of federal and state charges including mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, identity fraud, securities fraud, RICO, public corruption charges, money laundering, tax charges, food and drug act matters, environmental offenses, national security offenses and many other types of cases in federal courts, and in state court cases in charges from murder to DWI and almost everything in between.

We handle the tough cases and we want to work with you in your time of need. Give us a call @ 1.866.397.4497 OR click here to contact us today!

Andrew Birrell

Managing Partner