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March 1, 2021
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March 1, 2021

The predominant role of business lawyers centers around giving legal services and advice that might impact different aspects and factors of a business. Generally speaking, business attorneys make sure that companies are compliant with different business regulations. They also ensure that company operations are all aboveboard.

Business lawyers usually help with issues including corporate law matters, compliance, mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property, business formation, and conflict resolution, among many other legal matters that arise in routine business dealings and operations.

One crucial consideration to remember is that business lawyers don’t specialize in dealing with the legal issues that employment lawyers. You have to keep in mind that business lawyers focus on business operations, as well as the broader structure of the particular business in question. Employment lawyers, alternatively, handle issues such as contract disputes with employees and employment discrimination.

What Sorts Of Cases Are Handled By Business Attorneys?

Typically speaking, business lawyers have a wide set of skills so they’re able to deal with a variety of matters relating to business. Some common examples of legal issues where business lawyers might be useful or necessary each day can be the following:

-Contract and/or business disputes

-Intellectual property registration, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the like

-Business property or real estate issues

-Conflicts related to the purchase and/or sale of securities, stocks, companies, etc

-Inappropriate use of any protected data, including information governance, security breaches, privacy matters, and so fort

-Registration of the business structure, required licenses, state and federal tax numbers

-Being compliant with relevant laws and business regulations

-Handling interstate or even international business issues, such as the transportation of goods

As you can see from this list, business lawyers do quite a bit in terms of specific and overall legal services for their clients. Based on a specific issue, that work might entail doing transactional tasks, which might include the preparation of business tax filings or drafting contracts, or even tasks involving more case-oriented work, such as representing one of their clients in court, or possibly handling negotiations in pursuit of a settlement agreement.

What Other Things Do Business Lawyers Take Care Of?

Other issues that don’t come up as frequently that company lawyers might deal with include the following possibilities:

-The transfer of shares or ownership in a business

-Oversight of a wind-up process involving the necessary procedures for dissolving a company

-Helping a business make adjustments to particular changes in applicable laws or new ownership

-Helping out with altering the company structure, such as switching from an LLC to now filing as a C corporation

-Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing miscellaneous contracts for the business

Quite a few of these issues and activities that business lawyers take care of every day might also rely on how big or small the business is as well as what sector it is in.

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